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If you have a disability, physical or mental, or a condition that makes learning or taking a standardized test problematic, you may qualify for special accommodations pursuant to rights guaranteed by the Americans With Disabilities (ADA) Act. We have helped our clients obtain extra time accommodations at every educational level. If you have a qualifying disability, you may be entitled to extra time and other accommodations, such as a quiet room, guaranteed by federal law.

Ashley J. Israel PLLC. has obtained accommodations for its clients at the following levels of education:

  • Middle School and High School 504 IEP plans.
  • AP, SAT, and ACT standardized tests.
  • Undergraduate and Post Graduate University Classes and Exams.
  • LSAT and MCAT  and GMAT Exams.
  • Medical School and Law School testing.
  • State Bar Exams
  • USMLE Medical Board Exams.

Ashley J. Israel PLLC. can help you to apply for accommodations. We will engage in direct contact with administrative bodies to ensure equal treatment under law. We can assist with personal statements, assist you in navigation through the complexities of the application forms, refer you to doctors who can provide medical opinions, and dispute denials of disability by requesting additional review applying the proper legal standards of review. We can help you receive due process, and not be unfairly prejudiced by your disability as you further your education.